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One Wish

have u ever…

…wished that u were still with that special person?

…longed for the day u will again c her face?

…wondered why th hell u left?

…wondered why u made such a horrible mistake?

…thought about how u made her feel? when u b running around playing th field?

…wondered why after all this time she was always by ur side keeping it real?

…thought about what she must be going thru?

…stop 2 think how would u feel if it were u that had to handle all that shit?

…sat and asked urself, why didnt i?

why didnt i…

tell u that i loved u girl?

…tell u that i need u in ma world?

…realize that u were the one for me?


…hold u close when u needed it? instead o running round talking shit?

…c that without u there is no me? at least not th me that i’d like to be!

I dont know why i didnt do what i was s’posed to do, but lemme tell u, girl if ur reading this, i’m sorry, and being with u i truly miss…

U kno who u r, I’m not begging u to take me back, tho i wish u wud baby thats a fact… No, all i’m asking is ur forgiveness, can u grant me this one wish?