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I am long overdue for a post on here and I’m still at a loss as to what to post. This has been a whirlwind week and I’m looking to see what the weekend has to hold for me. But anyways I found this poem I had written (coincidentally its about what a little love can do [yet not Valentine related]). I have no idea when this was written or what inspired me but it is a nice piece (at least to me) and I decided to just post it. Here is


Buried  under an emotional shroud
feelings stayed unspoken aloud
not even whispered
to myself
for fear its leaked to someone else
like a bullet in the chamber
filled with anger
and a temper
waiting for the finger
that errs
and puts pressure
on the trigger
thinking it’s simpler
to inter-
nalize all my issues
so simple
yet in turn
it costs,
negative thoughts
instead of being solved,
what occurred
was problems
unsolved went,
leaving me burnt
under (the)
the world
I was willing to give the finger
then this girl
she turned
my thought
process up side down
I incurred
something called love
she reached down
the shroud I was under
pulled me out and made me love her

Alphonso ‘el maèstro’ P4L

sometime last year (’09)


Who’s Got Your Back?

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they are faced with difficult decisions. When they arrive at that proverbial crossroads and are uncertain how to proceed. At this point it is usually helpful if we have the support of a strong network of family and friends to assist us and to give us a little advice and a nudge or two if we end up slacking.

What do you do when you don’t have that family network to rely on? If it is your family that has thrust you (possibly prematurely) unto the path of an oncoming truck at that crossroads at which you find  yourself? Where do you turn? To whom do you turn?

I suppose the most logical answer would be to friends, or the church or other support groups. But, how about you turn to the person who knows you best, the one person who knows all your strengths and weaknesses? I’m talking of none other than the person that you wake up and see in the mirror on a daily basis.

When you stop to think about it, if we allow our lives to be run by the various other elements which exists mainly for their own profit in some way or another, where will we be in the end? I don’t even want to imagine.

When you find yourself at wit’s end, feeling lost and alone, just wrap yourself in the warmth that should come from the knowledge that there is one person who won’t desert you, one person who will be with you through the  thick and the thin. When you are strong enough to love yourself in this way, everything and everyone else will be that much easier to handle.

Only You Matter

Giving Thanks

In all things give thanks

don’t let small things make you slit hands
if you do it’s your mistake so sit and
find your slick way through the shit and

smile your day comes
a while it may take some
broken bones
never let your spirit be broken no

your spirit let them break not
negative influences shake off
like Napoleon Hill said of
freely given are
not worth their weight
the only one that does ain’t
from another
friend, mother, brother, sister, lover
no enemy
its from within…

Alphonso ‘el maèstro’ P4L

Sept. 28, 2009