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The Importance of Attitude!

Got ‘tude?

This one doesn’t need any explanation right? It’s pretty simple that if one doesn’t have the never say die attitude then there is no way you can hope to achieve anything in this extremely competitive world.

Regardless of your skill level, your attitude will help to ensure or prevent your success. Keep it positive!

What’s your stance?



Get Some Ambition

A few days ago I wrote of ‘The Passion of the Designer’ on EMD FX and this morning while lookng at the post it hit me that I neglected to mention one thing which goes hand in hand with passion.

Ambition. Ever heard of it? Know what it is?

  1. A strong desire to do or to achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work.
  2. Desire and determination to achieve success.

Good. Now that we’ve gotten the technical aspect out of the way, let’s go personal because this is not a business blog. That’s what EMD FX is for (very shameless plug).

From what little research I have done and analysis of the friends and acquaintances I’ve had, I realized that without a doubt, the ones who achieve and serious success are the ones with drive, the ones who constantly push themselves. In short, the ones with ambition.

The reason I’m talking about this on my personal blog is because I am strongly of the belief that ambition helps not only in business but in your personal life as well.

Ambition has nothing to do with where you are now, it is where you want to go. Look at the person who has goals, how he moves towards achieving those goals, regardless of what obstacles are placed in front of him. They do not allow ANYTHING to stand between them and the achievement of previously mentioned goals.

That person is the kind of person you should align yourself with if you hope to achieve any kind of success.

Steer clear of the man or woman who simply drifts from day to day, week to week with the only thought of the future being what they’ll have for dinner…These persons  and their friendship will only keep you at the level you were when you met them.

Whilst you can push yourself, it makes such a great difference when those  around you are also pushing you towards success also.

That said, get some ambition! Then go out and find acquaintances and friends with the same.

Push Boundaries

The best designers push the boundaries on what’s acceptable, they take chances.

Inside the world of graphic design it is easy to get lost in the crowd, play it safe and just do what everybody else is doing. But why should you want to limit yourself and your creativity to something which has been done repeatedly by others before you? Are you a recycling plant?

Strive to be different, strive to stand out! When people speak of you and your work there should be a little excitement attached to it. Even amongst graphic artists you should be able to elicit some sort of reaction other than “Oh, he’s aiight”.

In a time like this where everybody who gets a copy of Photoshop suddenly becomes a graphic designer, ensure that you don’t get lost in that crowd.

My next post will be about how I strive stand out in this cut throat field [yes my own personal experience].

Granted I may not yet be the best, but I’m working on getting there one day.

Keep Thinking

Sounds simple doesn’t it? It is but many people keep their mind occupied with negativity instead of finding time to relax, cut out all distraction and just think. This can actually be the difference between becoming a success and being a repeated failure.

You should always be making room in your mind for new ideas by focusing your thoughts and whenever you have any that really stand out you should save these ideas by putting it in a journal, sending yourself an email, or voicemail or be like those persons you see in the movies and use a recorder. Personally I like to use the notes in my phone and then transfer them to my USB later.

It is very important that you capture these ideas so you can check up on them later when you need to develop them.

Major Cause of Failure #26

Below is day 26 in our month long series of inspirational posts on the ’31 Major Causes of failure’ brought to you by El Maèstro Designs.

Possession of Power That Was Not Acquired Through Self Effort

If you didn’t have to work for it, then why do you think that you will be allowed to reap and keep the benefits of success. Sons and daughters of wealthy men and women and winners of lotteries fall under this category.

Quick riches are way more dangerous than poverty.

Major Cause of Failure #25

Below is day 25 in our month long series of inspirational posts on the ’31 Major Causes of failure’ brought to you by El Maèstro Designs.

Inability to Cooperate With Others.

More people lose their positions and also major opportunities in their life, because they cannot cooperate  with others. This is a fault which no businessman or leader will tolerate.

Major Cause of Failure #24

Below is day 24 in our month long series of inspirational posts on the ’31 Major Causes of failure’ brought to you by El Maèstro Designs.


Another way to say you over-indulge. If you are one who doesn’t practice a little self control as it relates to your indulgence in food, strong drink and sexual activities then you should also be aware of the fact that these habits are essentially fatal to your success.