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A New Year; same old crap

OK…first things first….it really grinds my gears when i hear the crap that people say when the new year rolls around. There is always that person who claims “new year, new me”, only to start doing the same old thing a week into the new year, i guess change is not for the cliche’d idiot. C’est la vie eh.

Then there is that person who takes this oppurtunity to bash on those who have decided to enjoy their lives. I mean sure what some people do may raise red flags in our minds but hey who are we to judge? I certainly dont have that kinda time on my hands to sit and judge everyone and their choices. Shoot, I certainly make a LOT of mistakes so who would I be to judge anyone? To these people I usually say, let he who is without sin cast the first stone. 

As for me, I live my life how i want to live it. Not by anyone else’s rules, just my own. I live once…do i really need to waste life thinking and talking bout how you live yours? I think not!