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Great way to end ’09 sporting season

NBA FinalsSo after a rather shitty ’09 sporting season in which almost all my teams got knocked out of their respective competitions or did so horribly they might as well have been kicked out, I finally have something to smile about…I speak of none other than the L.A Lakers winning their 15th championship a couple days ago! YEAH! Finally something to be happy for, Arsenal’s poor showing was a kick in the pants for me as I am a major gunners fan and the fact that it as Man U that we lost to hurt even more (needless to say, Barca kicking their ass was simply wonderful!).

But yea, when u play any game at all the aim is to be the best, and if thats not ur aim then u really need to throw in your towel and get out whatever game it is your playing. That said, if you as a player have an entire song done about you by the greatest rapper alive, (u know who i’m talkin’), then you must be doing something right eh? Congrats Kobe on the fourth and we be looking forward for the fifth bro. Keep breakin’ ’em off two-four, no Shaq, no Horry necessary….

Anyways its 1:33 in the morning here and I think I need to make a call before I go to sleep so….Imma check out here