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Why Did I Bother to Change?

Ever notice how an individual will do their best to change negative aspects of their personality and drop things which are really unnecessary and still end up in trouble for things done in the past?

Well, sometimes I am left to wonder why is it that we should bother to change if persons are still going to get worked up over the things which you have done and left behind and most times even forgotten?

If that is going to be the case then we might as well continue down the path of past years if we are still going to be seen and judged in that light!


Who’s Got Your Back?

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they are faced with difficult decisions. When they arrive at that proverbial crossroads and are uncertain how to proceed. At this point it is usually helpful if we have the support of a strong network of family and friends to assist us and to give us a little advice and a nudge or two if we end up slacking.

What do you do when you don’t have that family network to rely on? If it is your family that has thrust you (possibly prematurely) unto the path of an oncoming truck at that crossroads at which you find  yourself? Where do you turn? To whom do you turn?

I suppose the most logical answer would be to friends, or the church or other support groups. But, how about you turn to the person who knows you best, the one person who knows all your strengths and weaknesses? I’m talking of none other than the person that you wake up and see in the mirror on a daily basis.

When you stop to think about it, if we allow our lives to be run by the various other elements which exists mainly for their own profit in some way or another, where will we be in the end? I don’t even want to imagine.

When you find yourself at wit’s end, feeling lost and alone, just wrap yourself in the warmth that should come from the knowledge that there is one person who won’t desert you, one person who will be with you through the  thick and the thin. When you are strong enough to love yourself in this way, everything and everyone else will be that much easier to handle.

I Kicked It

My entire being engulfed by darkness
Swallowed by the cold
Longing for the remnants of the warmth of old
All those smiles now
Worn as frowns
Each breath burning

To break free
To finally breathe
To purge the scourge
From the system
Not wanting to be another victim
I instead wish to be able to say “depression? I kicked him”

Left listless
Cause this stress
Has me in distress
I don’t wanna b depressed
Yet at times unexpected
It comes around
A welcome it never gets
But still it abounds
I could just be chilling
Or on my way in from Kingston
And here comes this feeling
Attempting to take over my entire being

But NO!
No longer can you pimp me
Like I’m your whore
With the help of a few real
Frenz I showed you the door
Now I have smiles you can feel
Not prone to depression as before