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Better Body BluePrint: 1

So this year I actually began the year so confident about my body I didn’t even need to renew my commitment to getting fit as I am feeling pretty good about where I am. However I have decided that since I’ve gotten bored with my workouts and the progress I should change things up a bit. My skateboard broke so I am left without any seriously fun way to maintain my fitness and weight, and as such I slacked off a bit.

Anyways it’s said that if you want to get something done bad enough you one of the things you should consider is getting support, so here I am about to use you as my support group. If I tell someone else about my plans I’m twice as likely to complete them right? So it stands to reason that if I tell the world, then i’m infinitely more likely to achieve. At least I hope thats how it goes. To further assist I’ve also signed up for a profile on Body Proud which is yet another motivational tool I’ll use. (more…)



To supplement, or not to supplement? That is the question thats racking my brain the last few days as I have seemingly hit a plateau where my training and fitness is concerned. For the last month or so I have been sittin between 175&180 lbs and while I am happy with the results I have gotten re my fitness etc, I cannot help but wonder how much further I can go. 

I recently did a battery of tests designed to determine the level of fitness which a fit man should be able to exhibit. the results in a nutshell stated that I am relatively fit, however, I really think I can push my limits more, and my body isn’t “complaining” bout how hard I’m pushing myself, in fact, it just isn’t responding now, regardless of what I do and how hard I do it, i no longer wake in the morning in pain or sore, nor is there any real change in how it looks. 

So, do I then stop and accept the fact that there is no more changes to be had? Or take supplements to assist to get over this plateau which is basically an obstacle? I’ve taken supplements in the past with very good results, however, never before have I been so fit and energetic as I am now and this was done naturally….what to do, what to do…