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Living Positive

Yes, let's.

Yes, let’s.

Living positively doesn’t just affect you, it impacts on everybody you interact with. Make your life count. – el maèstro


Forgive The Past

This is not going to be a long post, just a quick word to the wise (if you read my words you must be wise…right?).

Make peace with the past, so it doesn’t ruin your present. I am a person who always insists on not stressing myself over past events as I’ve come to realize that burdening my thoughts with the happenings of the past leaves me with less space to be awesome and enjoy my present occurrences. Do you really want your time to be wasted on the persons/happenings of the past? Or do you instead want to move on, enjoy the present and make a better future?

I don’t know about you but the answer for me is clear. In the words of almost every small time Italian gangster on tv, “Forget about it”. The bad at least, don’t forget the lessons learnt, don’t forget the the persons who have let you down, forgive them though. Forgive your past. Make peace with your past. Don’t beat yourself up about what could have been. Focus instead on what will be, what you can be. Aim to be a better person from the lessons you’ve learnt, the hurt you’ve felt, the ‘friends’ you’ve lost.

For you to forgive the past is not going to be an easy issue. But it is something which can and should be done. in order to move on, this is something which you must do. Do it. TODAY. The year is almost ending so what better time to get a fresh start than now?


What Would It Take to Make You Happy?

In this day and age more than any period of time prior, us humans find ourselves striving to find our own happiness, attempting to reach that ideal lifestyle that is a perfect balance between health, wealth, and love. In order to reach that ideal balance, we drive ourselves to obtain, accumulate, and conquer every obstacle that comes our way, but it seems that with every threshold we cross, every door we enter a new emptiness lurks, so we constantly ask ourselves, where do we find that abundant life that evades us? Why do we not feel fulfilled despite all our accomplishments.

Is it that we’re seeking the wrong things when it comes to our fulfillment? Love, money, friendship, does it all mean anything? Or is it that the only thing that truly matters is our happiness?

Picture yourself truly happy…what do you think you must do to achieve that state of contentment?

Keep Thinking

Sounds simple doesn’t it? It is but many people keep their mind occupied with negativity instead of finding time to relax, cut out all distraction and just think. This can actually be the difference between becoming a success and being a repeated failure.

You should always be making room in your mind for new ideas by focusing your thoughts and whenever you have any that really stand out you should save these ideas by putting it in a journal, sending yourself an email, or voicemail or be like those persons you see in the movies and use a recorder. Personally I like to use the notes in my phone and then transfer them to my USB later.

It is very important that you capture these ideas so you can check up on them later when you need to develop them.

Why Did I Bother to Change?

Ever notice how an individual will do their best to change negative aspects of their personality and drop things which are really unnecessary and still end up in trouble for things done in the past?

Well, sometimes I am left to wonder why is it that we should bother to change if persons are still going to get worked up over the things which you have done and left behind and most times even forgotten?

If that is going to be the case then we might as well continue down the path of past years if we are still going to be seen and judged in that light!

Lets Become Strangers

The first real piece I wrote after my breakup. Let me know what you think….

Let’s Become Strangers

It is time

time to face the facts

time to stop lying to you

lying to me

it is time…

Time for us to become strangers

the essence which was your touch

needs to be forgotten

its effect diminished

your taste overwritten by another

woman’s flavour, (more…)

Unscripted, Untitled…

What happens when you feel creative but have no real inspiration? Well, you write…and see what happens… right?
I was gonna make this piece a poem,
but the ideas just weren’t flowing,
then I thought lemme do a song,
but the very idea felt wrong,
so now I’m left with an untitled,
slightly coarse unscripted,
piece about not being able to put thoughts together,
in a coherent pile,
one thought leading to another,
stretching for the sky,
I’m left with this,
eclectic and skewed to bits,
well at least it rhymes,
so grateful am I,
and I’ll continue to write,
but I think that’s it for tonight.

Boredom Rules.

Alphonso ‘el maèstro’ P4L

Feb 2009