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In the studio they dropped that Kanye beat, Go hard and told me to do sumn on it so….I did two freestyle verses and a chorus.

this the second verse. when I get the cd i re-write the chorus/1st verse

but here goes

Go hard

or stay layed up at home

cuz if you play hard

man imma break your dome

physic’lly aggressive

lyric’lly impressive

whatever I do

I strive simply to

be number one

so if you say sumn u

best b tellin me how to be number one

if you gon’ do sumn

do your best

or your nutten

but one o the rest

thats what I was

yea common quiet and shy was

what u wud say that boy was

but this

guy now is

a standout

for my opinions I standup

dislike how I spoke

or the fact that I am M.E

Maestro.Enigma, yea i’m me

what you get 

was what you see

Its all part o the package

no longer

do I mince nor

bite my words

I honestly dont give a turd

whats saiid by you, her

or no other

only once do I live

no replays so I might as well enjoy it