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Temptation Walked Thru My Door

This time temptation came to me at home,
this time temptation wasn’t just on the phone,
but thru my door into my arms,
walked temptation leaving me unarmed,

defenseless and weak,
senseless can’t speak,
relentless i seek,
nothing less than sweet,
delicious desire,
kisses to ignite a fire,
leaving a burning hole,
heated from head to sole,
i play my role, (more…)

The First Kiss

your enticing eyes
so alive
gleaming like a prize
ur luscious lips
which I yearn to kiss
2 first lightly brush
my thirst for you increases with every touch
and the temptation I indulge
not holding back any

this moment is ours
all else is a blur
I look into those beautiful eyes of yours
with their dark seductive lure
and the promise of more
pleasure is found in every breath i take
as the intoxicating aroma of your skin I inhale
I could compare you to a summer day
but nay
shakespeare is inadequate today

a rose in full bloom on a morning
in spring
doesn’t compare to the aura your radiating
as this intense moment we’re sharing
has my skin tingling
while waves of pleasure are rippling
down my spine, each increasing
the euphoric feeling
i’m experiencing

as the soft caress of your lips continue
a friendly joust between our tongues ensue
and i cannot help but wonder
where were you
before this day
terribly cliche
but what else can i say

these intense
seconds we’ve spent
have scrambled all thought
everything else is worth nought
as slowly…
we part our lips
WOW! How’s that for a first kiss.