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Chanson du Combattant (Fighter’s Song)


As I connect with the right jab

I can’t help being odd I now fight southpaw

What one second can do

A perfect life can come unglued

Just like that

Fast as a snap


Left cross

And I feel impact

All the way to my ‘bows

All this extra weight on the bones

Of the left

Whats left

But to fight nonetheless

I miss with a right and the left

Then wince as a knee connects

Leaving a burning feeling in my chest


Before I can recover

I get rocked with another

Feeding off the pain

Adrenaline pumping through my veigns

Helps me survive

Till the end of this five


Its then

And only then

That I feel the onrush

Of agony

In more places than I can count

Sweet agony

A not so subtle reminder

of exactly why I’m here