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Habla Espanol? Ou Parlez-Vous Francais

parlez_vous_francais_Here in the Caribbean, businesses, especially those in my industry have begun to advertise jobs requiring fluency in a second language. Ranging from the sexy language of love (French) to the other English (Spanish) and even German.

Taking that into consideration one must, in order to remain competitive, be able to fluently communicate in at least two languages, three even better. With that in mind I have embarked on a quest to become fluent in conversational Spanish an French as well as to be able to write French. However the French is not progressing as well as I’d love it to, due to the fact that I only have a couple friends who speak it and both, like myself, are either in the beginner or intermediate  phase. The Spanish is a little easier as I have quite a few amigas who I can converse with. (more…)