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No Sex Ed from ‘Di Teacha’

C is for Condom!

C is for Condom!


So, the attacks on dancehall music continue. This time at the short end (once again) is Adija Palmer, better known as ‘Vybz Kartel’, who has been prevented from performing in the small island of Grenada. Personally, I cannot see the logic behind this, other than the minister not getting sufficient, no better word – any international media attention otherwise. The excuse of course is that ‘di teacha’s’ repertoire of music is too violent and will negatively impact the fans…ok question, since there are already fans there, does this not mean that they have already been introduced to his music?

Anyways, moving along, look at what the deejay and others like him have done since that ban on violent lyrics in Jamaica (which proved to be a ploy by the Government to distract Jamaicans from their horrible economic policies). The deejay has basically become a money addict and has been doing a plethora of more uplifting songs, most notable of these songs is his ode to Theresa Palmer, – Mama. If the artiste has made it a point of duty to clean up his act, and your still holding it against them, what is the incentive for doing so then?

This constant badgering and assaults being launched by various sectors (such as the church , but thats a whole different post) on the artistes irritate the life outta me. They say the music is too violent, BUT yet these same people go to old hits shows to listen and rock the hell out to Papa San talking bout how he is gonna kick down and beat up his girl…I dont remember ever hearing Kartel, Mavado even the very violent Bounty Killa ever say on a track that they would raise their hand against a woman.

But I digress, this post is not just to blow off some steam, bear with me, I had a reason for it. The show which Vybz Kartel was billed to perform on, was a safe sex concert, in which he was to promote his ‘Daggering Condoms’.. In a region that is #1 in HIV cases (outside sub-saharan Africa), we need shows such as these to assist us in educating the masses, since obviously Government programs are seemingly not helping.


Chanson du Combattant (Fighter’s Song)


As I connect with the right jab

I can’t help being odd I now fight southpaw

What one second can do

A perfect life can come unglued

Just like that

Fast as a snap


Left cross

And I feel impact

All the way to my ‘bows

All this extra weight on the bones

Of the left

Whats left

But to fight nonetheless

I miss with a right and the left

Then wince as a knee connects

Leaving a burning feeling in my chest


Before I can recover

I get rocked with another

Feeding off the pain

Adrenaline pumping through my veigns

Helps me survive

Till the end of this five


Its then

And only then

That I feel the onrush

Of agony

In more places than I can count

Sweet agony

A not so subtle reminder

of exactly why I’m here