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Virgins or no?

This is an argument that has been on the lips of many of my boys of late. Most guys I know have a thing for ladies considered pure and untouched…for the most part anyway. Personally, I prefer my girls with a little (a lot doesnt hurt tho) more experience, not only in a sexual sense but also emotionally. It was recently brought to my attention the fact that the unexperienced tend to also be emotionally immature. Dont get me wrong, I have no problem with them, Im just not going out of my way to get one.

There are so many ridiculous myths out there that result in these young ladies being hurt or having their health being threatened. One such being that if a guy has aids, he can have unprotected sex with a virgin and this will cure him. Honestly, how blasted stupid must  you be to believe that? You might as well say you’ll sprout wings and fly off. Idiots. It irritates me to see these guys using the girl’s inexperience against her.

But as I was saying, just as experience matters in the working world it matters in my “romping shop”. or as Mr Carter once said 

“I wouldn’t care if you were a prostitute
and you hit every man that you ever knew
see it wouldn’t make a difference since that was way before me and you…