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Only You Matter

Giving Thanks

In all things give thanks

don’t let small things make you slit hands
if you do it’s your mistake so sit and
find your slick way through the shit and

smile your day comes
a while it may take some
broken bones
never let your spirit be broken no

your spirit let them break not
negative influences shake off
like Napoleon Hill said of
freely given are
not worth their weight
the only one that does ain’t
from another
friend, mother, brother, sister, lover
no enemy
its from within…

Alphonso ‘el maèstro’ P4L

Sept. 28, 2009


Ur Lyric Competition

Well…i had finally decided to get off my ass and enter that poetry competition and im not doing oto bad, currently ranked fourth but of course the aim is to win, there is only 10 or so days left. So i neeeeeeeeeed comments in order to win. All it takes is a second to drop off a vote…with ur help i’ll crush the opposition no?

This post would not b complete without mention of Alphainventions, as I am going to need ALL the help I can get, and from what I see, they are the best ppl to go to for help…



This site is simply brilliant, if one wasto depend on just friends and family to support you one would not reach very far, however this site is there to boost traffic and who knows, one may get a new fan or two eh? It can’t hurt to try right…