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Thump Har Up? Are You Fucking Serious????

I usually ignore songs that I don’t like but this is just fucking ridiculous. How are you going to talk bout yuh a thump har up? This is bullshit  as far as I’m concerned, despite the fact there is a line which says something about not beating them, I still believe this song sounds too much like a song that promotes violence against women.

If this is what Dancehall has come to then I will be listening to Rock and Rap a whole lot more often…definitely a let down.


Chica, U Belong Always Near

Moving in motion so fluid,

I just want to stop and watch u moving

but if I should do this

I’ll be robbing myself of the few minutes,

I get to hold you close

tingling from head to toes

this lovely feeling,

you and me lost within

the music, which melds us into one being

moving, in sync

moving on instinct

It matters not that you’re losing threads,

or the music just went dead

its just you and I

dance partner extraordinaire of mine

I know you wont believe this

but I wanted to be right here all evening

since I first saw you in the black light

dancing the night

away while everyone else acts shy

sipping on liquid courage

which I’m only too happy to provide

Oh to hold you close was my wish

come through

dreams apparently do

because with you

li’l boo

is where I end up

dancing till I can barely stand up

no complaints though

because without a doubt I know

this was only a pre-game show

there is so much left to go