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Mirror Images

Standing here looking in the mirror,
I no longer recognize the person who back at me is staring,
is it that I’ve gotten bigger or smaller,
I agree i have grown exponentially,
but its not in any way physical,
not even so much spiritual
as just my growth into more mature individual,

The last couple months have not been the easiest
but they have been the greatest,
not in terms of fun and enjoyment,
because I’ve essentially been a bum seeking employment,

In this drive I had developed to change,
I almost cast out those who cared,
to those of you who I’ve offended,
take this olive branch I’ve extended,

I’m now striving for perfection
I’m driven by my imperfections

There are no limitations to the mind except those we choose to acknowledge – Napoleon Hill

Ok…I think I’ve looked at this mirror long enough,
this stranger staring back is beginning to get me nervous