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Where’s my Corset?

Matt Bomer, better known as USA Network’s Neal Caffrey stated recently that “a lot of confidence comes from comfort”. Apparently some people did not get that memo. There are “new” products on the market that are called shapewear for men from Equimen and Ript Fusion. Basically this stuff squeezes and hugs the body and reminds you to stay straight. Sounds good right? Sure it does, as this helps to maintain posture and just like the Wonderbra, is a case of false advertising (you know it’s true).

One review had me in stitches as this fellow stated that he loves his shapewear usually but “last night, however, I was out partying in a sleeveless Equimen product and matching firm control brief and I was miserable. The top kept riding up, which, combined with the lower pressure from the brief, kind of forced  my stomach outward, like squeezing a pimple.”

Um, no thank you! Forget the corset, gimme my white tee and boxers.