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My Favourite Crazies

As the days go by, I have realized that had it not been for a few individuals my life would almost be meaningless and drab, but then the more I think about it the more i realized that they probably dont know how important they are to me. The more thought I put into it the harder it becomes to make a list in my head as the list keeps growing and growing as I realized that not only my small circle of friends deserve thanks but a wider cross section of my acquaintances. and so was born.,..”The list of Very Important Crazies”

  • First, My boys, Bones and Duke, completely unnecessary to mention them cuz c’mon, you make it through 11 years of friendship you have made it through a lot, but had it not been for these two…high school wouldnt have been such fun, and needless to say due to ma boys I got out of (as well as into) tonnes of trouble…

  • My sisters, TJJ, who make my daily life HELL, but despite it all…i know that I’m luved

  • The lovely Melly…yo I swear I can still hear her shrill voice screaming my name from the elevator “ALLLLLLLLLL”. All those retarded conversations we’ve had lol …topics ranging from ‘u kno who’ to ‘Fountain’ and everything in between, one of the realest people there is…in that short space of time I’ve really come to appreciate and love her as a li’l sis

  • ah yes…there is one person who I could never forget, ma FEW. Despite the fact that I’ve never said it, your opinion is one of the very, very, very select few that matters. I honestly cannot remember a time we were ever together that something completely retarded doesn’t happen…its like…we’re magnets or sumn…one thing that will stand out in my mind forever…well two things actually “it hurts” and that song…;)
  • Sunshine, wow, where do I start? This beautiful soul is my oldest friend and she never ceases to amaze me with her wit, charm, sense of humour and her intellect (and it helps that she is a “arn darg” like myself lol). Always ready to entertain and share a kind word and a quick joke…damn, i doh know what else to say, she jus one of my fave people in this world.

I’m gonna stop here for now as the sleep has caught up with me…but more to come….


Comments on: "My Favourite Crazies" (4)

  1. SUNSHINE said:

    awwww Al…l I love this.Its so sweet. Means so much to me to hear that.I love you, your one of the best frenz anyone could have.I cherish you and I want you to know no matter what or how far I go in life I will never forget my Ferdi.Ur the best!!!!! muaaaahhhhhhhh P.S. That harn darg thing..yuh haffi let ppl know mi bizniz man..kiss

  2. Awwww … I am sooo HONOURED to be on your list, although u got my blog address wrong … its now … lol, but I digress. You know we had some AMAZING times together, and it was never a dull moment. I really miss you, and its hard to believe that over a year has gone by. Just keep on being you, and remember there’s someone out there who thinks the world of u. P.S., I’m working on getting a digicel number so that we can harass each other more often 😀

  3. for ur information miss…this was written LONGGGG before the address changed!…but since I’m such a nice guy I’ll change it now…..

    HURRY!!! =D. I miss them countless msgs, but not as much as I miss u =(

  4. Awwww … blushing because I actually believe u! lol. Miss ur dumb ass too 😀

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