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Swine Flu

Well, Swine flu is heavy on the lips of the entire world today as it has been sweeping the globe by storm. Swine flu is essentially a new strain of influenza which originally was found in pigs. Now despite the uproar going around, the WHO claims that only 7 people have died from the disease, not the 150+ that is being reported. But of course this could just be a PR campaign to prevent too much panic as is seen in NY with schools closing their doors to prevent the spread.

I found something rather interesting about the disease, and that is that swine flu itself doesnt kill you, it is your body’s  antibodies and their reaction to the new disease which causes the problems. So when that is taken into consideration, who amongst us is most susceptible?  Well the very young, very old, and those in between who are not careful about their diets/physical fitness according to scientists.

I just simply hope too many people dont die from thsis disease and its quickly contained. Then I can stop worrying about my sister too much :s