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My Apéritif

I look at this ‘vin rouge’ before me

And I can’t help but think

I could call you my apéritif

Because that’s what you are to me babe

Like a pre –dinner drink

Before the entrée

My appetite you whet

The thoughts you put in my head,

Are best if left unsaid

What I would do is show you


Because that cloud you mentioned

I want to take you to

I’ll do whatever it takes to

Ensure your ascension

To cloud 9

Though we really need no destination

We can simply heed our bodies’ direction

Mmm, you with me, what a thrilling sensation

Pleasures unparalleled throughout our journeys duration

To cloud 9

And beyond, possibilities limitless

Lets jus close our eyes and enjoy this

Lovely feeling of giddiness

What I’ll later consider unbridled happiness

On cloud 9

Whilst you look deeply into my eyes

I yearn to hold, caress, explore you

You’ve cast your spell and I’m mesmerized

In this moment all that matters is you

Here on cloud 9

I feel as if we have just begun

When this image that has been spun

Begins to dim, the lights go down

I look down and sigh

Due to the fact that my

Glass is now empty
No more webs of pleasure left to spin

Because sadly

I’ve finished my drink