through the eyes of an enigma… el maèstro

Who is Me?

Yes, this is something I always say, but when it all comes down to it….who am i really?

Honestly, I wouldn’t attempt to answer this question wholly as it would mean really digging into what my likes and dislikes are and how they affect my outlook etc etc etc…not looking forward to that, so instead I’m just going to say that I live my life to the fullest (as i see fit). What I do and what is right do not necessarily coincide, but guess what? I ENJOY my life…this is what is important to me, there are very few people who’s approval matters and they know themselves so I don’t need to call names.

If one does find the need to judge however, just remember that opinions are the cheapest commodities on earth, thus they are freely given and when they are weighted against facts are usually not worth anything.


Comments on: "Who is Me?" (1)

  1. but opinions are also a good way to gauge what people think of u, no?

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