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Is Marriage Bad For Your Health??

While surfing the net I came across this article talking about marriage and its effect on your health. Well on your weight at least.

Apparently people gain weight after they get married…really?! I did not notice, I guess studying 8900 people over a span of a few years made more sense than just using common sense and looking at your sister after she tied that proverbial knot…

“People who stay single, or become single again by divorce, may be somewhat more physically fit than those in wedded bliss,” or rather so says a new study.

There was a study done which followed almost 9000 people over a few years which then determined that those who were married were lessfit when hit with cardiovascular tests.
Interestingly enough though, if you got divorced as a male, then they experienced an increase in fitness levels.
These findings are not limited to males however as females experienced an increase in fitness if they stayedsingle throughout the study.

Apparently the message the researchers wanted to get across is that life changes affect our health….riiiiighhhhhtttt!! Or, maybe marriage is just bad for your health.


Why Did I Bother to Change?

Ever notice how an individual will do their best to change negative aspects of their personality and drop things which are really unnecessary and still end up in trouble for things done in the past?

Well, sometimes I am left to wonder why is it that we should bother to change if persons are still going to get worked up over the things which you have done and left behind and most times even forgotten?

If that is going to be the case then we might as well continue down the path of past years if we are still going to be seen and judged in that light!

Graffic Art

Did you know that el maestro designs?

Well…everyone who knows me knows that I am always trying to do something new, tinkering with new ideas, creating new possible sources of income. Well my latest and favourite venture is Graphic Designs. I have recently started utilizing the little knowledge I had before as well as the wealth of knowledge that other designers to delve into this very colourful world.

I have not been doing too bad and as mentioned in the post below I actually have a Fan Page which I’ve entitled el maestro designs…

This page showcases the work that I have done so far in my quest towards becoming a better design artist. So, when you have the chance don’t forget to check out el maestro designs.

Here is a sample design I did.

My Phone

A drawing I did of a Nokia 5130

I’m Sipping On Sumn

So, its been forever since I made me a post so here I am!!! Still alive and(in my humble opinion) better off and just about ready to demolish anything the world throws at me.

Anyways, I was walking down the street last night and listening  to the song “Single” by Li’l Wayne and browsing Facebook on my phone,  when I heard a voice say “good evening Mr. Senior”….me being lost in what I was doing merely  grunted “mmmm” then I noticed out the corner of my eye a li’l hesitation as if the person expected me to stop or something….I looked up and around and realized I was looking at the well shaped derrière of my ex….I was surprised but she had already gotten over her hesitation and moved on so I did the same….anyways…here is “Single” by Li’l Wayne….I dare you to play this song only once….I dare you…

Lets Become Strangers

The first real piece I wrote after my breakup. Let me know what you think….

Let’s Become Strangers

It is time

time to face the facts

time to stop lying to you

lying to me

it is time…

Time for us to become strangers

the essence which was your touch

needs to be forgotten

its effect diminished

your taste overwritten by another

woman’s flavour, (more…)

I’m The Bartender!!!

This is a music vid shot at my club back in March and finally its been released….beautifully edited video and the story line is pretty good too. Check it out….did I mention that I’m in it?

Unscripted, Untitled…

What happens when you feel creative but have no real inspiration? Well, you write…and see what happens… right?
I was gonna make this piece a poem,
but the ideas just weren’t flowing,
then I thought lemme do a song,
but the very idea felt wrong,
so now I’m left with an untitled,
slightly coarse unscripted,
piece about not being able to put thoughts together,
in a coherent pile,
one thought leading to another,
stretching for the sky,
I’m left with this,
eclectic and skewed to bits,
well at least it rhymes,
so grateful am I,
and I’ll continue to write,
but I think that’s it for tonight.

Boredom Rules.

Alphonso ‘el maèstro’ P4L

Feb 2009