through the eyes of an enigma… el maèstro

In this day and age more than any period of time prior, us humans find ourselves striving to find our own happiness, attempting to reach that ideal lifestyle that is a perfect balance between health, wealth, and love. In order to reach that ideal balance, we drive ourselves to obtain, accumulate, and conquer every obstacle that comes our way, but it seems that with every threshold we cross, every door we enter a new emptiness lurks, so we constantly ask ourselves, where do we find that abundant life that evades us? Why do we not feel fulfilled despite all our accomplishments.

Is it that we’re seeking the wrong things when it comes to our fulfillment? Love, money, friendship, does it all mean anything? Or is it that the only thing that truly matters is our happiness?

Picture yourself truly happy…what do you think you must do to achieve that state of contentment?

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