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What Matters Most In a Relationship?


Is Marriage Bad For Your Health??

While surfing the net I came across this article talking about marriage and its effect on your health. Well on your weight at least.

Apparently people gain weight after they get married…really?! I did not notice, I guess studying 8900 people over a span of a few years made more sense than just using common sense and looking at your sister after she tied that proverbial knot…

“People who stay single, or become single again by divorce, may be somewhat more physically fit than those in wedded bliss,” or rather so says a new study.

There was a study done which followed almost 9000 people over a few years which then determined that those who were married were lessfit when hit with cardiovascular tests.
Interestingly enough though, if you got divorced as a male, then they experienced an increase in fitness levels.
These findings are not limited to males however as females experienced an increase in fitness if they stayedsingle throughout the study.

Apparently the message the researchers wanted to get across is that life changes affect our health….riiiiighhhhhtttt!! Or, maybe marriage is just bad for your health.

Lets Become Strangers

The first real piece I wrote after my breakup. Let me know what you think….

Let’s Become Strangers

It is time

time to face the facts

time to stop lying to you

lying to me

it is time…

Time for us to become strangers

the essence which was your touch

needs to be forgotten

its effect diminished

your taste overwritten by another

woman’s flavour, (more…)

Support Matters

Did you know that two heads are better than one? Even though I am naturally a loner when it comes to important decisions, I have come to the realization that having someone who is always there for you through the cliched thick and thin helps out a whole lot. For instance, I am embarking on a whole new and potentially tumultuous portion of my life and it really helped me to know that there is at least one person who is willing to stick by your side and fight through the discomfort, uncertainty and fear which this will most likely bring.

Having that little bit of support has helped me to move a little more confidently towards achieving that end which I set out for. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those persons who have made this time a little easier by simply being there. You know yourselves so I won’t mention names, but it means the world to me to have you by my side.


I am long overdue for a post on here and I’m still at a loss as to what to post. This has been a whirlwind week and I’m looking to see what the weekend has to hold for me. But anyways I found this poem I had written (coincidentally its about what a little love can do [yet not Valentine related]). I have no idea when this was written or what inspired me but it is a nice piece (at least to me) and I decided to just post it. Here is


Buried  under an emotional shroud
feelings stayed unspoken aloud
not even whispered
to myself
for fear its leaked to someone else
like a bullet in the chamber
filled with anger
and a temper
waiting for the finger
that errs
and puts pressure
on the trigger
thinking it’s simpler
to inter-
nalize all my issues
so simple
yet in turn
it costs,
negative thoughts
instead of being solved,
what occurred
was problems
unsolved went,
leaving me burnt
under (the)
the world
I was willing to give the finger
then this girl
she turned
my thought
process up side down
I incurred
something called love
she reached down
the shroud I was under
pulled me out and made me love her

Alphonso ‘el maèstro’ P4L

sometime last year (’09)

Let’s Share Lives

Lets Share Lives

Isn’t it weird, how we feel completely at home in another’s arms? Regardless of what we’ve been through in past relationships and how bad we’ve been hurt, it seems that there always pops up that need to be loved, to belong. I am one person who always said that you don’t need anyone, how being single is best, if for nothing else other than to maintain your freedom and not lose yourself. I didn’t know it was possible to actually be with someone and still maintain who you are at your core while becoming a “better” person. Anyways this is a piece I wrote a little while back, which came to me as I thought about my mindset going into relationships. Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Why such emphasis on being with another
is it engrained us needing someone
to share our lives
to share our sorrow with
make you smile
like a young child

even though deep down you know
nothing is ever smooth so
you grin and live
waiting for a new wind
to blow you into
a new direction, a new
person with who you can
share more smiles, memories and
enjoy the union
until you find the new one (more…)

Valentine’s Day

Once again.,..its that time of year when people go crazy trying to impress upon some significant other how much they love them. Not through acts of love (which is what the day was originally based on) however; as this day, just like christmas, and most other major holidays has become so commercialized it isnt even funny. 

I am of the belief that if you love someone you should let them know….everyday if possible, as often as possible, not through words only but also actions, looks and just being there for the person if thats what they need. Dont just wait until February 14th, the day some stranger appointed centuries ago for some obscure reason. My lady should never doubt the fact that I have feelings for her until the 14th of February…as they say its the small things that matter.

Valentine’s for me therefore is simply just another day, one more day to survive the lunacy of this world. I guess it kinda set me back having had two breakups and one EXTREMELY horrid day on this day of “love” over the years, but I dont let that get me down as  I dont completely ignore the day  as I still get my close friends small tokens of appreciation (and one year I even went all out n got stuff for complete strangers lol).

If you want to choose this one day and go all out, by all means go, its ur credit and your life. I just not going to kill myself.