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TED: Black: My Journey to yo-yo Mastery

I promised inspiration and I come bearing gifts!

Looking for dexterity, passion and mastery? This guy definitely has it all! I’m subscribed to the TED podcasts on iTunes (if you don’t know TED TALKS then you need to hit up YouTube).

Anyway, I will be honest, when this title ‘TED: Black: My journey to yo-yo mastery’ popped up I was tempted to delete without even bothering to watch it. But something said, “Take a look.” I mean, there must be a reason it made it to TED after all. So, I did and I assure you, it had to be the most inspiring thing I had seen in a little while.

I am not just talking about his jaw dropping talent, which he definitely doesn’t lack. What I am referring to in this case is his passion which you can see in his every look, in his every movement and the fact that he allowed nothing to get in the way of pursuing that passion.


For some reason the previous link will not embed so…you’ll have to watch that particular performance on YouTube…or just watch the one below which is less cool but still awesome.

What would you say to someone who told you they plan to be a yo-yo master? Be honest, chances are you’d probably snicker and say something sarcastic. But this guy! This guy, he stuck to his guns and now he stands on the TED stage, doing what he is passionate about. This guy is living inspiration.

Now excuse me while I power down my system and go out to try and find myself a Yo-Yo.