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TED: Black: My Journey to yo-yo Mastery

I promised inspiration and I come bearing gifts!

Looking for dexterity, passion and mastery? This guy definitely has it all! I’m subscribed to the TED podcasts on iTunes (if you don’t know TED TALKS then you need to hit up YouTube).

Anyway, I will be honest, when this title ‘TED: Black: My journey to yo-yo mastery’ popped up I was tempted to delete without even bothering to watch it. But something said, “Take a look.” I mean, there must be a reason it made it to TED after all. So, I did and I assure you, it had to be the most inspiring thing I had seen in a little while.

I am not just talking about his jaw dropping talent, which he definitely doesn’t lack. What I am referring to in this case is his passion which you can see in his every look, in his every movement and the fact that he allowed nothing to get in the way of pursuing that passion.


For some reason the previous link will not embed so…you’ll have to watch that particular performance on YouTube…or just watch the one below which is less cool but still awesome.

What would you say to someone who told you they plan to be a yo-yo master? Be honest, chances are you’d probably snicker and say something sarcastic. But this guy! This guy, he stuck to his guns and now he stands on the TED stage, doing what he is passionate about. This guy is living inspiration.

Now excuse me while I power down my system and go out to try and find myself a Yo-Yo.


Living Positive

Yes, let's.

Yes, let’s.

Living positively doesn’t just affect you, it impacts on everybody you interact with. Make your life count. – el maèstro

You Live, You Learn

Everything in this world happens for a reason which one will only become aware of in hindsight. Friendships and other relationships are forged because at that particular point in your life the powers that be saw the need of the persons involved to be connected to each other. At the end of these alliances, being the fickle creatures that we are, we usually ask ourselves what was the point. There was a point and if you look objectively at where you are now in your process of development and where you were then you’d definitely see the reason.

Sadly not many of us do this and so people waste their time and energy striking out at the person who decided to end the relationship. This is something which I could never understand and probably never will. Why would I invest precious time and energy into trying to hurt someone who has probably forgotten all the times spent with you and moved on with their lives?

It is my belief that in order for you to truly be able to move on with your life and to achieve any level of self-actualization you must have a clean slate. You should forgive all the ‘fools’ who have wronged you, apologize to all those you’ve offended (and those who think you’ve offended them). Then and only then can you really begin to focus on the most important person in your life; you.

This is why I’ve decided to do just that this week. Forgive the fools, and apologize to those I have wronged. This is by no means an easy task, but it is something that must be done.

If you’re one of those persons who I’ve offended leave me a comment here and I’ll give you a public apology.

Forgive The Past

This is not going to be a long post, just a quick word to the wise (if you read my words you must be wise…right?).

Make peace with the past, so it doesn’t ruin your present. I am a person who always insists on not stressing myself over past events as I’ve come to realize that burdening my thoughts with the happenings of the past leaves me with less space to be awesome and enjoy my present occurrences. Do you really want your time to be wasted on the persons/happenings of the past? Or do you instead want to move on, enjoy the present and make a better future?

I don’t know about you but the answer for me is clear. In the words of almost every small time Italian gangster on tv, “Forget about it”. The bad at least, don’t forget the lessons learnt, don’t forget the the persons who have let you down, forgive them though. Forgive your past. Make peace with your past. Don’t beat yourself up about what could have been. Focus instead on what will be, what you can be. Aim to be a better person from the lessons you’ve learnt, the hurt you’ve felt, the ‘friends’ you’ve lost.

For you to forgive the past is not going to be an easy issue. But it is something which can and should be done. in order to move on, this is something which you must do. Do it. TODAY. The year is almost ending so what better time to get a fresh start than now?

The Importance of Attitude!

Got ‘tude?

This one doesn’t need any explanation right? It’s pretty simple that if one doesn’t have the never say die attitude then there is no way you can hope to achieve anything in this extremely competitive world.

Regardless of your skill level, your attitude will help to ensure or prevent your success. Keep it positive!

What’s your stance?


You Don’t Need to Respond!

These days we are constantly bombarded with messages that require our response. If we follow this constant influx of messages, we end up living our lives driven by the needs of others.

Over the last few months I have made a conscious decision to prioritize my priorities in a better manner. My life shouldn’t be dictated by someone else and their need to feel important.

Regardless of the negativity and the filth being spewed by these mindless individuals I can keep my head up knowing that my dignity is intact.

The compulsion to respond, to stoop to that proverbial lower level isn’t there anymore. My life is about focusing on myself, my goals, my objectives, my business etc.

When one is bored, that’s when you get yourself into trouble, this is why I do my best to keep myself busy. At 25 I refuse to deal with the problems I had at 17. If I had the same problems that would mean that I haven’t matured a bit.

As usual I drifted off topic a bit, but that’s what writing does to me. The point I’m attempting to make should be clear though; If the messages you receive will not benefit you in any way, then YOU DON’T NEED TO RESPOND!

Get Some Ambition

A few days ago I wrote of ‘The Passion of the Designer’ on EMD FX and this morning while lookng at the post it hit me that I neglected to mention one thing which goes hand in hand with passion.

Ambition. Ever heard of it? Know what it is?

  1. A strong desire to do or to achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work.
  2. Desire and determination to achieve success.

Good. Now that we’ve gotten the technical aspect out of the way, let’s go personal because this is not a business blog. That’s what EMD FX is for (very shameless plug).

From what little research I have done and analysis of the friends and acquaintances I’ve had, I realized that without a doubt, the ones who achieve and serious success are the ones with drive, the ones who constantly push themselves. In short, the ones with ambition.

The reason I’m talking about this on my personal blog is because I am strongly of the belief that ambition helps not only in business but in your personal life as well.

Ambition has nothing to do with where you are now, it is where you want to go. Look at the person who has goals, how he moves towards achieving those goals, regardless of what obstacles are placed in front of him. They do not allow ANYTHING to stand between them and the achievement of previously mentioned goals.

That person is the kind of person you should align yourself with if you hope to achieve any kind of success.

Steer clear of the man or woman who simply drifts from day to day, week to week with the only thought of the future being what they’ll have for dinner…These persons  and their friendship will only keep you at the level you were when you met them.

Whilst you can push yourself, it makes such a great difference when those  around you are also pushing you towards success also.

That said, get some ambition! Then go out and find acquaintances and friends with the same.