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Personal Blog I Neglect Thee No More!

It’s been a while since I last made a post on this my personal blog and I have my business to blame for that! EMDFX has surely kept me busy and the only writing I do these days are graphic oriented as seen by the fact that ‘The Design Lounge‘ stays updated. But I shall be neglecting my personal blog no more. While I won’t be posting as often as I used to, I will be trying to get even 2 posts in per month.

The reason I decided to come back here is the fact that there is sooooo much that I really want to share that I’ve learned from launching a business in Jamaica, all the running around which that requires and the headaches. However it’s not all bad as I have more respect for those who have successfully done it before me.

Another thing which I should have probably mentioned first is the fact that I was recently introduced to Brian Tracy by my li’l sister and he has completely changed the way I think and handle my business. This guy is not just a motivational author, he is a phenomenal motivational author. If you’ve never checked him out you definitely should do so today.

So bear with me, I will be motivating the hell out of you guys soon!


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Push Boundaries

The best designers push the boundaries on what’s acceptable, they take chances.

Inside the world of graphic design it is easy to get lost in the crowd, play it safe and just do what everybody else is doing. But why should you want to limit yourself and your creativity to something which has been done repeatedly by others before you? Are you a recycling plant?

Strive to be different, strive to stand out! When people speak of you and your work there should be a little excitement attached to it. Even amongst graphic artists you should be able to elicit some sort of reaction other than “Oh, he’s aiight”.

In a time like this where everybody who gets a copy of Photoshop suddenly becomes a graphic designer, ensure that you don’t get lost in that crowd.

My next post will be about how I strive stand out in this cut throat field [yes my own personal experience].

Granted I may not yet be the best, but I’m working on getting there one day.

Major Cause of Failure #17

Below is day 17 in our month long series of inspirational posts on the ’31 Major Causes of failure’ brought to you by El Maèstro Designs.

Wrong Selection of Associates in Business

Just as how choosing a mate for marriage impacts your chances at success, so too does your choice of business associates. Indeed this reason for failure is without a doubt one of the most common causes. when you are marketing personal services, be sure to very carefully select those who you associate with because this  affects your chances to make money.

Bear in mind that those persons who we associate most closely with are the same persons who we end up emulating.

Major Cause of Failure #4

Below is day 4 in our month long series of inspirational posts on the ’31 Major Causes of failure’.

Insufficient Education

Education is by no means limited to what you learn in the classroom. In fact the educated person doesn’t necessary have to have a formal education (a la Henry Ford and Thomas Edison). Education in this instance refers to being able to get the success that you want “without violating the rights of others”.

Education is not so much knowledge bu knowledge that is utilized and applied with some level of persistence to achieve our goals (in this case – money).

Remember we get paid not for what we know, but for what we do with what we know.

Major Cause of Failure #3

Below is day 3 in our month long series of inspirational posts on the ’31 Major Causes of failure’.

Lack of a Well Defined Purpose

Well…if you are so indifferent as to not wasnt to get ahead in life and not strive to be a success, and are unwilling to pay the price by standing out and aiming above mediocrity….then there really is no help for you is there?

In order to be truly a success one must aim above mediocrity, and aim to be exemplary, try to stand out [for positive reasons].

Major Cause of Failure #2

Below is day 2 in our series of inspirational posts on the ’31 Major Causes of failure’.

Lack of a Well Defined Purpose in Life.

That one speaks for itself as well right? If you have no plans then there is no way that you can even hope that success or money will come your way. It is said that 98 out of every 100 person has no such aim…this might just be the MAJOR cause of their failure.