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So recently I made a decision that hey, my self improvement ideas shouldn’t just stop at myself. It should also reflect in the company that I keep and so I made the conscious decision to weed out the bad seed from amongst my already small group of close “friends”.

Today I came across this post and it made my day. I just had to share it and hope that it will do the same to you too.

Work hard to be a good friend to others, and you will usually be rewarded in kind. If that doesn’t work, find a new group of people, because you shouldn’t be wasting your effort on deadwood.

So, that said, I believe I have weeded out the deadwood and I have moved on to bigger things, better things. My professional goals align better with my personal goals and I must say “It feels good!”

Comments on: "Say No To Deadwood Relationships" (4)

  1. sunnydelyte21 said:

    Interesting quote… but I agree.

  2. I found it hit home as well. I like quotes like that that push the conventional just a bit

  3. I love that quote, as it somehow speaks to me and my current situation. I’m happy that you’re focused on only the positive. Stay away from negative people as they will only drag you down!!

  4. I’m very happy that you approve!

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