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Does it affect my Health/wealth?

Well. I haven’t blogged in quite a while. However, I’m quite peeved about a situation which has been unraveling lately and I had to put pen to paper. I am of the belief that being a man doesn’t only mean having a penis and balls. It doesn’t have to do with whether you’re effeminate or masculine. Having children doesn’t make you a man either. For one person to be considered a man there should be a certain level of respect given to you by real men around you and one should also be respected by women (no in this case your mother doesn’t count).

I am a person who is straight forward and will speak my mind in any situation, regardless of the outcome. I believe that if I have a disagreement with another man or woman, I should meet him or her and talk about it face to face. Leave the texting and phone calls to chicks who just want to blow up without having to face any serious consequences other than having the other person hang up on them.

Personally, I think you are not worthy of being called a man if you do not have the cojones to admit when you are wrong, to say a simple “I’m sorry” when the proof is irrefutable that you were wrong. You DO NOT dance around the situation and hope it goes away. You DO NOT lay blame at the foot of another person for your stupidity in past situations.

Your actions define you.

There are persons who I don’t like, but due to their actions I have to respect them. When a man can say in the middle of an argument that “If that’s what it sounded like I said, I’m sorry” and mean it, that man deserves respect.

Then there are persons who never accept the wrong in any situation, persons who will take Jesus off the cross even though they KNOW that they are wrong and still walk around with their heads held high after. Are you serious? Have you no conscience? Have you no sense? It’s one thing to lie and get away with it. It’s another thing entirely to lie to a friend who you KNOW knows the truth. It’s just stupid. You’re just stupid. Stupid is as stupid does and I refuse to align myself with anyone who is too stupid.

I’m sorry, I have a progressive agenda, like all men should have and wasting my time on petty situations that will benefit neither my health or my wealth does not sound progressive to me.

Like Russel Peters said “BE A MAN”.


Comments on: "Be A Man" (2)

  1. Well said my dear man….

    I always say being an adult means taking responsibility for your actions… good, bad or indifferent. Takes a real person to admit wrong doing… to apologize for the way their actions/words were received. Many can not and will not do that.

    As my father always says… forgive them for they know not what they do.

  2. Thanks Ida…and you’re so right, it apparently takes a lot to admit when you’re wrong. Forgiving is the easy part. It’s not cracking up into laughter when you see them that’s the hard part.

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