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Disappointment Reigns

It’s not strangers who let us down, neither is it our enemies or our ‘haters’ who do so. Nope! It’s the persons closest to us, those who we have high expectations from who fuck up and disappoint us.

But we must admit that we set ourselves up to be disappointed. If we have no high expectations of anyone, if we expect everyone to fuck up in some way then we help to alleviate some of the disappointment we face in our lives.

As for me, I learnt my lesson, I was let down by two persons who I thought had a little common sense and (in the case of one in particular)knew what loyalty meant. As they say everything happens for a reason and I’ve learnt from those mistakes.

Comments on: "Disappointment Reigns" (1)

  1. So very true. Alas I’m far gone into this way of thinking and I no longer expect anything from anyone nor can I trust anyone to do things.

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