through the eyes of an enigma… el maèstro

What am I doing?

“I know way too many people here right now
That I didn’t know last year, who the fuck are y’all?”

Have you ever found yourself in that position? Or better yet, have to find out that the people you thought you knew were actually strangers? I received quite a few shocks recently from two close friends that left me doubting almost everybody else. I was actually left asking myself one night

“What am I doin’? What am I doin’?”

Then it hit me, don’t let this not so substantial stuff get to you, use it to get better and make them see that they aren’t gonna break you down. Watch me do me, in face I don’t even remember who you. :)….

“Oh, yeah, that’s right, I’m doin’ me
I’m doin me
I’m livin’ life right now, mayne

And this what I’ma do ’til it’s over
‘Til it’s over
But it’s far from over…..”

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