through the eyes of an enigma… el maèstro

Unscripted, Untitled…

What happens when you feel creative but have no real inspiration? Well, you write…and see what happens… right?
I was gonna make this piece a poem,
but the ideas just weren’t flowing,
then I thought lemme do a song,
but the very idea felt wrong,
so now I’m left with an untitled,
slightly coarse unscripted,
piece about not being able to put thoughts together,
in a coherent pile,
one thought leading to another,
stretching for the sky,
I’m left with this,
eclectic and skewed to bits,
well at least it rhymes,
so grateful am I,
and I’ll continue to write,
but I think that’s it for tonight.

Boredom Rules.

Alphonso ‘el maèstro’ P4L

Feb 2009

Comments on: "Unscripted, Untitled…" (2)

  1. you write. and you write at night. yet you may feel contrite. after second sight. you realise its not so tight. but its alright.

    inspiration is gained but never forced.
    inspiration is induced from an aspirational source.

    Commander Roger Trousers.

  2. I like this…thats a good one

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