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Let’s Share Lives

Lets Share Lives

Isn’t it weird, how we feel completely at home in another’s arms? Regardless of what we’ve been through in past relationships and how bad we’ve been hurt, it seems that there always pops up that need to be loved, to belong. I am one person who always said that you don’t need anyone, how being single is best, if for nothing else other than to maintain your freedom and not lose yourself. I didn’t know it was possible to actually be with someone and still maintain who you are at your core while becoming a “better” person. Anyways this is a piece I wrote a little while back, which came to me as I thought about my mindset going into relationships. Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Why such emphasis on being with another
is it engrained us needing someone
to share our lives
to share our sorrow with
make you smile
like a young child

even though deep down you know
nothing is ever smooth so
you grin and live
waiting for a new wind
to blow you into
a new direction, a new
person with who you can
share more smiles, memories and
enjoy the union
until you find the new one

is it all meaningful
or are we just being fooled
into think there’s happiness
to be had from this mess
called life
lets share our lives
our miserable, uncomfortable, fucked up life,
lets share it right?

its more than one can bear
lets try to make it as a pair
appears the case
but this is fun
so come, be my baby, hun

Alphonso ‘el maèstro’ P4L

Comments on: "Let’s Share Lives" (3)

  1. AAAWWW my darling Al your all grown up now. Ok, my job is done I’ve taught you everything I know. lol

  2. *deep sigh*
    Just when I had convinced myself that the single life was the place to be…

  3. […] a few months ago I said come be my baby hon […]

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