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Better Body BluePrint: 1

So this year I actually began the year so confident about my body I didn’t even need to renew my commitment to getting fit as I am feeling pretty good about where I am. However I have decided that since I’ve gotten bored with my workouts and the progress I should change things up a bit. My skateboard broke so I am left without any seriously fun way to maintain my fitness and weight, and as such I slacked off a bit.

Anyways it’s said that if you want to get something done bad enough you one of the things you should consider is getting support, so here I am about to use you as my support group. If I tell someone else about my plans I’m twice as likely to complete them right? So it stands to reason that if I tell the world, then i’m infinitely more likely to achieve. At least I hope thats how it goes. To further assist I’ve also signed up for a profile on Body Proud which is yet another motivational tool I’ll use.

For the next couple few weeks I will be devising a workout plan for myself as soon as I sort out exactly what it is that I want to do, and to achieve. I’ll be posting the plans, revisions, and results right here under the Topic “Better Body Blueprint” after the book by Michael Mejia which resulted in my current size and level of fitness. The initial aim is to create a 6 month plan which will result in me first taking off about 5 or so pounds before I begin to work on my definition. The next post will provide more information on the plan itself.

Until then, wish me luck.


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