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Another New Year

So as I sat down to type about my disdain for people who make new year’s resolutions every year only to break them i remembered that I had written one on the same topic in January so I’ll just post the link here as well as the post of another good friend who shares my sentiments (yes ‘micks I not leaving you out at all).

Anyways, they usually start beating themselves up because they did nothing for 300 plus days and now they suddenly wake up and go “Oh my God, I can’t do this next year”. Then create a random list of things which they want to do next year, and they attack this list with a religious fervour!….that is, until January 15th when they forget all about it.

The links as promised are “New Year; Same Old Crap”, that  i wrote and “New Year’s Resolutions” by ‘micks.

I will just say get serious, or just shut up. I’m sick to death and tired of hearing people crying about failed and forgotten resolutions. Just do us a favour, shut up or GET SERIOUS! If you insist on making a list then find people who share the same goals and try to motivate each other.  Two heads are better than one and three of a kind trumps a pair (at least in poker).

You should also know that if you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change. Try to do things that will actually make you a better person. Strive to improve not only your status but that of a friend, touch a life or two; make your life more than just drinks, partyies, sex, work and fun.

Lets enjoy life, and enjoy helping others. Live Life.

Comments on: "Another New Year" (3)

  1. LOVE this! I totally agree with you!!!

  2. gracias chica…it just makes sense u kno?

  3. Yes it does!

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