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parlez_vous_francais_Here in the Caribbean, businesses, especially those in my industry have begun to advertise jobs requiring fluency in a second language. Ranging from the sexy language of love (French) to the other English (Spanish) and even German.

Taking that into consideration one must, in order to remain competitive, be able to fluently communicate in at least two languages, three even better. With that in mind I have embarked on a quest to become fluent in conversational Spanish an French as well as to be able to write French. However the French is not progressing as well as I’d love it to, due to the fact that I only have a couple friends who speak it and both, like myself, are either in the beginner or intermediate  phase. The Spanish is a little easier as I have quite a few amigas who I can converse with.

I am of the belief that an individual should always be seeking out new ways in which to improve themselves, be it physically (being fit rocks!) or mentally, an as such I have decided to eventually become fluent enough (in Spanish) to be able to redecorate the resume with this bit of information.

Maybe you should too, considering the fact that “the ability to speak a foreign language would be a distinct advantage,” Bear in mind also, that “El que sabe dos lenguas, vale por dos” – the person who speaks two languages is worth two people.

Comments on: "Habla Espanol? Ou Parlez-Vous Francais" (5)

  1. So true!! Even down here, its one of the factors which determine whether or not you land a job now. There are French and Spanish classes down here but they are given on the opposite end of the island 😦 … but you can always do what I did … get Rosetta Stone. Trust me it helps 🙂 great post

  2. i shud check it out then, what language u learnin on rosetta stone nw?

  3. I got the Spanish, French, Italian and Japanese in all levels but im currently working on the Spanish right now, because it really is the most popular out there. After that, I will try to perfect my French.

  4. thats exactly what im doing too….in fact i’m gonna check out a language centre i heard is highly recommended in Ocho Rios which is pretty close to where i live. hey, we should chat in spanish sometimes so we doont lose practice =)

  5. p.s is a great site to learn another language. im actually using it too. check it out when u get a chance

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