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I Buy Jamaican

...With the words recession and economic meltdown making their way into daily conversation, people have begun to look for ways and means of pinching, saving and simply stretching each dollar. In fact as I write I am cooking up a new scheme to make some extra money (I have so many schemes and yet I never seem to have enough money [serious greed]). Anyways back to saving…during this economically challenging time everyone has adapted a simple-minded approach to this problem -> if i save, the more I have for me and my family.

While this would apparently work, there is, in my opinion also a much better way to ease the pressure and improve the standards of living and also improve our country’s current trade deficit. Its not something major that i’m about to suggest, its so simple I’m surprised the government hasn’t [seriously] adopted it.

‘Buy Jamaican, build Jamaica’. Simple isn’t it? While I have personally tried to buy Jamaican where the option is available, many people are of the view that imported goods must be superior, and as such still resort to buying goods manufactured overseas.

While other countries are seeking ways in which to build their countries we are seeking to assist them instead of working on ours. The recent patty fiasco over in Trinidad has strengthened my resolve ten-fold. Despite the fact that both nations are a part of Caricom, and involved n the CSME, and signators to the free trade agreement, Jamaican exporters have been having a hard time with the Trinidadians as their products are sometimes held up [in some cases for weeks!] while our exporters lose money. Case on point being that shipment of patties which was held upfor a WHILE, so they could “check the product, and where it originated……”.

Now I am not hating on Trinidad, because they are looking out for their own as can be seen by the fact the Trinidadian business who place openings on “Caribbean” job search sites such as Splash all have that little tag that says you must be Trinidadian to fill the position. No no, they understand my concept.

What I want to know is, when will our ‘leaders’ start to utilize their senses and use a similiar approach? Instead of sending our hard earned [and scarce] cash overseas invest in things we ‘mek yah’. I check my labels not only for nutrition facts but also for the little ‘proudly produced in Jamaica’ phrase or the pic of the flag.


I’m a proud citizen of this beautiful nation and I will play my part in building it up.

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  3. It would be funny, if it was not so sadly

  4. Well thought out 😉

  5. Thnx V. Gotta find a way u know. I love how u desert me at our place :@

  6. This is so true . I hope you have not given up like a lot of people have. I am now on a drive to help people to realize how much it is hurting us as a country when we support the imported goods more than our own. If you or anyone else here are interested please let us join forces at Together we can.

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