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C is for Condom!

C is for Condom!


So, the attacks on dancehall music continue. This time at the short end (once again) is Adija Palmer, better known as ‘Vybz Kartel’, who has been prevented from performing in the small island of Grenada. Personally, I cannot see the logic behind this, other than the minister not getting sufficient, no better word – any international media attention otherwise. The excuse of course is that ‘di teacha’s’ repertoire of music is too violent and will negatively impact the fans…ok question, since there are already fans there, does this not mean that they have already been introduced to his music?

Anyways, moving along, look at what the deejay and others like him have done since that ban on violent lyrics in Jamaica (which proved to be a ploy by the Government to distract Jamaicans from their horrible economic policies). The deejay has basically become a money addict and has been doing a plethora of more uplifting songs, most notable of these songs is his ode to Theresa Palmer, – Mama. If the artiste has made it a point of duty to clean up his act, and your still holding it against them, what is the incentive for doing so then?

This constant badgering and assaults being launched by various sectors (such as the church , but thats a whole different post) on the artistes irritate the life outta me. They say the music is too violent, BUT yet these same people go to old hits shows to listen and rock the hell out to Papa San talking bout how he is gonna kick down and beat up his girl…I dont remember ever hearing Kartel, Mavado even the very violent Bounty Killa ever say on a track that they would raise their hand against a woman.

But I digress, this post is not just to blow off some steam, bear with me, I had a reason for it. The show which Vybz Kartel was billed to perform on, was a safe sex concert, in which he was to promote his ‘Daggering Condoms’.. In a region that is #1 in HIV cases (outside sub-saharan Africa), we need shows such as these to assist us in educating the masses, since obviously Government programs are seemingly not helping.

Comments on: "No Sex Ed from ‘Di Teacha’" (5)

  1. Awwww … I am sooo HONOURED to be on your list, although u got my blog address wrong … its now … lol, but I digress. You know we had some AMAZING times together, and it was never a dull moment. I really miss you, and its hard to believe that over a year has gone by. Just keep on being you, and remember there’s someone out there who thinks the world of u. P.S., I’m working on getting a digicel number so that we can harass each other more often 😀

  2. lol ok so i posted the previous comment under the wrong post. I love this post, though. People tend to see only one side, and don’t really think out of the box. I’m not a huge fan of Kartel’s lyrics, but the one thing in this post that got my attention was our HIV status. It is very alarming!

  3. I agree…government is especially one sided when it comes to lookin for scapegoats….and it is indeed alarming (enough to scare me into settling down lol)

  4. U? SETTLING DOWN? LMAO 😀 … that IS some serious shit! But on a serious note, I look at people’s sexual habits, … those of my friends, and acquaintances and I cant help but wonder WTF is going on in their minds. We don’t see the dangers of sex, and our mentality about STD’s is that “it cant happen to me” … we really need to get our shit together.

  5. that is soooo true the way how we just take things for granted.
    which is why now (even more than before) I ensure I always work with my protection innuh, esp since u cant look at someone and know whether or not they have something

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