through the eyes of an enigma… el maèstro


This piece is still untitled I cannot think up a title…open to suggestions….


Once, I closed my eyes

And was immediately blinded,

Not because of

Staring at the backs of eyelids,

No, nothing

To do with physical blindness,

But more

With the emotional psyche,


I realize I had lost touch

With feelings,

Negative energy built and pent inside me,

First love becomes last love all irrevocably lost love

This thought chides me,

I might as well be blinded,

I could’ve had the sweetest girl beside me,

But in love with my façade was I,

So much so I had to kiss her



Conscience fights me


All needed from

You was

A commitment


So simple but I couldn’t decide,

How foolish was I,

Yet tears stained eyes,

When news broke of the new guy,

But I wish you the best

No I lie,


Since there is no more you and I,

I wish to once again close my eyes,

And be blinded by the light,

Swallowed by the pain tonight,

As it has been all my life…


                                                                                                   By: Alphonso ‘Maèstro’ P4L

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