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The Real SkateBoard P

Well, I decided to do things a bit different today, instead of ranting and raving about what I don’t like, or writing poetry, I have decided to change things up a bit. Today I write about one of the things which intrigue me….

Skate Boarding (Yea I’m just a skater boy!)

I recently got back on my board and I must say that I really did miss the thrill of skating, in fact I’ve been trying various little tricks now that I have become more comfortable on the board, which I did by being with it 24/7, while watching TV I’ll be practicing switching etc, and while I’m here typing I’m rolling the board back and forth cause I’m about to go risk life and limb to do some ollies (I just did my first [successful] ollie….and boy am I elated!).

Lots of people ask what pushed me into skating, well, its crazy fun, burns serious calories (you ever seen a fat skater?). I just needed something to do outside the gym that was fun and required me to be outdoors alot and this was just the outlet. I’d like to stay and go into more details, but why waste a perfectly good day inside when I could be outside getting bumps and scrapes while enjoying the sunshine?

Comments on: "The Real SkateBoard P" (2)

  1. LOL … just dont go burst your ass!! Skateboarding is fun .. I tried it once. But you gotta have mad skills to stay on that board!! I’m just happy that you’re doing something that you really like … u should make a video and send it to me. I wanna see how good (or bad) you are lol ♥

  2. lol lemme guess…..u fell off and vowed never to get back on?

    well ur gonna have to wait for that video, cuz the blasted board split couple days ago….so only thing i doing on that is to hone my balance

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