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Valentine’s Day

Once again.,..its that time of year when people go crazy trying to impress upon some significant other how much they love them. Not through acts of love (which is what the day was originally based on) however; as this day, just like christmas, and most other major holidays has become so commercialized it isnt even funny. 

I am of the belief that if you love someone you should let them know….everyday if possible, as often as possible, not through words only but also actions, looks and just being there for the person if thats what they need. Dont just wait until February 14th, the day some stranger appointed centuries ago for some obscure reason. My lady should never doubt the fact that I have feelings for her until the 14th of February…as they say its the small things that matter.

Valentine’s for me therefore is simply just another day, one more day to survive the lunacy of this world. I guess it kinda set me back having had two breakups and one EXTREMELY horrid day on this day of “love” over the years, but I dont let that get me down as  I dont completely ignore the day  as I still get my close friends small tokens of appreciation (and one year I even went all out n got stuff for complete strangers lol).

If you want to choose this one day and go all out, by all means go, its ur credit and your life. I just not going to kill myself. 

Comments on: "Valentine’s Day" (2)

  1. lol … I wrote a post similar to this yesterday. Are we reading each other’s minds or what? 😐

    I do agree with you, though … VDay is now commercialized just like Christmas, and the true meaning has been lost. Blah … check out my post to see what I think about it. I’m too lazy to type lmao ♥

  2. […] long talking, read Valentine’s Day which I wrote last year and which still accurately describes how I feel about Valentine’s […]

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