through the eyes of an enigma… el maèstro

I Kicked It

My entire being engulfed by darkness
Swallowed by the cold
Longing for the remnants of the warmth of old
All those smiles now
Worn as frowns
Each breath burning

To break free
To finally breathe
To purge the scourge
From the system
Not wanting to be another victim
I instead wish to be able to say “depression? I kicked him”

Left listless
Cause this stress
Has me in distress
I don’t wanna b depressed
Yet at times unexpected
It comes around
A welcome it never gets
But still it abounds
I could just be chilling
Or on my way in from Kingston
And here comes this feeling
Attempting to take over my entire being

But NO!
No longer can you pimp me
Like I’m your whore
With the help of a few real
Frenz I showed you the door
Now I have smiles you can feel
Not prone to depression as before


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