through the eyes of an enigma… el maèstro

Another Rant…

I am confused, is my life really that interesting
That you have time for sittin
Passing judgment on me and the life I lead
The decisions I’ve made?
In these eyes of mine
You are simply an idiot

Before jumping on my case
Get your life set up straight
at least that girl isn’t a
Like that dude o urs
I may be a bit rusty
But trust me
The things done by he
To me they seem, suspect, just a wee

I can trust she
Can you trust he
No u can’t, you disgust me
You wanna sit and discuss me
Do it at the front of me
Not back of me

But I detract
Your words, don’t retract
because at least now I see where your opinion’s at
I have always been supportive of you
No matter whats happening in the life of you
You Jus always too happy to jump on the bandwagon
This Is getting kinda long
But I just think you should know
in this world of mine, your opinion matters not…


Comments on: "Another Rant…" (1)

  1. I absolutely LOVED it !
    I felt that you were speaking for me rather, and not for urself..Great job !!! 😀

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