through the eyes of an enigma… el maèstro

I Feel Loved

Inevitably, the inevitable will become just that…inevitable
If something is meant to be, it will be

I previously mentioned the fact that in my quest to change
i was driving out those who s’posedly care
forgetting that it takes more than just words
it takes more than empty actions

Is it enough to say I love you?
or offer the simple occasional kiss or hug?
what it takes is being able to take solace in the fact that nothing…
not distance, not time will be able to put a damper
on the relationship shared

Nothing will drive a wedge
that can separate you, push one or the other over the edge
if you find that happening it could be there was nothing there in the first place
maybe we were just fooling ourselves…
trying to convince each other
that something was really there

I guess its just apart of growing,
well… I take comfort in knowing
that in my life i have really developed
a few people who without reservations I can say make me feel loved

Comments on: "I Feel Loved" (2)

  1. Someone’s quite a poet huh..deep..interesting..good job !

  2. OK me boss! Keep utilizing your talents!

    Big up.

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