through the eyes of an enigma… el maèstro

Alone in the Crowd

Am alone in the crowd,

how can this b?

things are getting so loud

yet unbelievably, i dont really care

ma mind, it ain’t really here,

in ma eyes some want me 2 b the guy from who the bullies steal the fare,

down and out but wit that idea they can get outta here

even tho lonely,

is a song i sing daily,

its not cuz i gotta b,

but its cuz i wanna b,

c i got no reason to reserve ma feelings,

4 me its always open season,

if u dont like it,

guess what? the bird at u i’m o flip,

dont think am being negative no,

i’m jus spitting this as i c it yow

at this point in life am at my happiest

yup i am enjoying it 2 th fullest!!!



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